Jumaat, 3 Jun 2011

Minuman dan Makanan dari Taiwan Dicemari Bahan Aditif yang Berbahaya

Negara China telah membuat penarikan balik terhadap beberapa minuman dan makanan yang dihasilkan dari Taiwan. Ini adalah atas kekuatiran mereka terhadap produk tersebut mungkin dicemari oleh sejenis bahan yang dinamakan DEHP (Sejenis pengemulsi untuk membuat minuman) dilaporkan oleh Taiwan's Department of Health ia sejenis polimer plastik yang telah diharamkan penggunaanya sebagai aditif makanan sejak 1999. Bahan aditif ini dikaitkan sebagai agen karsinogenik.

Taiwan beverages recalled in China over DEHP scandal

Chinese importers have begun to recall drinks and food products possibly tainted with the carcinogenic agent DEHP which were manufactured in Taiwan, General Administration of Quality Supervision's Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) spokesman Li Yuanping said on May 27.
Taiwan's Department of Health reported to the administration on May 24 that an emulsifier used in the drinks, produced by Taiwan's Yu Shen Chemical Co, was discovered to contain DEHP, a plastic polymer which has been banned as a food additive since 1999.
Li said that the emulsifier is a legal food additive in fruit juice, jam and soft drinks but some manufacturers used DEHP in the production of the emulsifier to save costs.
"China did not import any of Yu Shen's emulsifier in the past three years," Li said.
As of Thursday night (May 26), Chinese importers have recalled more than 4,800 bottles of DEHP-tainted sports drinks from stores. AQSIQ said that 792 cases of the contaminated beverages entered China's market via Shanghai in March.
Li said that quality watchdogs at all levels should step up monitoring of Taiwan-produced additives and beverages and stop accepting applications to import food additives manufactured by Yu Shen beginning from May 27.
Meanwhile, more than 6,000 bottles of sports drinks from Taiwan that may contain DEHP were removed from stores in Shanghai on May 27.
Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau (SICAB) said that a total of 6,307 bottles of Yes sports drink for sale in Wal-Mart and M-Mart were withdrawn. SICAB officials requested local markets to carry out inspections immediately and stop selling all products that carry a risk of being tainted.
SICAB said that it will also undertake its own inspection

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